Mexican signature cuisine that fuses traditional recipes with contemporary culinary trends, reinventing classic dishes.


Ciento36 hands kneading

From our Orchard

Our artisanal yogurts

Passion fruit with tomato

Guava with thyme

Blackberry with mint

Homemade sweet rolls

Fresh, delicious sweet rolls made in our ovens served with homemade jams: cinnamon rolls, croissants, biscuits, poundcake, and traditional Mexican creations.

The Favorites

Portobello mushroom quesadilla on Pita bread

Quesadilla on Arabian pita, with gouda cheese, portobello mushroom, bacon, green escarola lettuce, sun-dried tomato and avocado.

Seasonal Crepes

Three different crepes: the gourmet delicacy corn fungus (huitlacoche), squash flower, and mushroom served in roasted tomato sauce and grated Oaxacan cheese.

Ciento37 yellow corn

From our traditional Mexican kitchen

Eggs Diego Rivera

Scrambled eggs cooked in an earthenware crock in Mexican fresh tomato and chile sauce with beans and sausage and fresh cheese topping, accompanied by homemade bread.

Aporreadillo Michoacano

Eggs scrambled with dry shredded beef, accompanied by an earthenware crock of slowly-cooked beans, and uchepo--a traditional Michoacan sweet, moist cornbread.

From Beautiful Michoacan

Uchepos Morelianos

Tamales made of soft cornmeal bathed in a ricotta-style cheese sauce accompanied by pork in black chile sauce.

Trilogy of Corundas

Traditional Michoacan tamales bathed with cream and Cotija cheeses, accompanied by pork cooked with tomato and pepper strips.

Dinner and late night Supper menu


Tuna tartare with apple and avocado

Shrimp and mango gazpacho


Ciento 37 Salad

A mixture of lettuces, arugula, cranberries, goat cheese and caramelized nuts, accompanied with a white wine and honey vinagrette.

Gambari Salad

A mixture of lettuces, arugula, shrimp, Oaxaca cheese, fresh basil, and our own sun-dried tomatoes, accompanied by a balsamic vinagrette.

Soup and Pasta dishes

Sopa Tarasca—the traditional Michoacan bean soup

Cream of pork rind soup

Spaghetti with seafood and three chili varieties

Ciento37 wine bottles Cient37 dinner dish

From the Farm; Ciento 37

Black Gold Chicken

A bacon wrapped chicken breast filled with gourmet corn fungus—huitlacoche, accompanied by polenta and salted asparagus.

Duck Confit Ciento 37

Duck confit served over carmelized apple, with arugula salad and polenta.

From the Sea: Ciento 37

Shepherd style Salmón

Grilled salmon with pineapple, mashed potato and spring onions.

Passion Shrimp

Coconut encrusted shrimp stuffed with cream cheese in a citrus and passion fruit sauce, accompanied by salted green beans and potato pancake.

From the land: Ciento 37

Beef medallion

Tender beef medallion cooked with a glazed crust of chili, in a special beer sauce, accompanied by mashed platano and salted esparagus.

Ribs Tatemadas with Pulque

Ribs cooked in a tomato sauce with five spices and pulque, accompanied by a salad of nopal, slow-cooked beans and potato uchepo.

Desserts and Drinks


Sweet cheese mousse with passion fruit marmelade

Flan, made with a corn base, covered by a sweet cheese sauce

Our Wine Cellar with national and imported wines

Coffee service

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