An inspiring menu, created by chef Michele Mancusi

Ciento37 Menu

Cold Entrées

Gaspacho from the Sea

Fresh cucumber, pineapple, tuna and salmon cubes, marinated in orange and lemon juice, sesame oil. With a side of avocado mousse.

Caprese Trilogy

Fresh salad made from three different types of cheese and tomatoes, with pesto dressing; scented with hoja santa.

Hot Entrées

Ciento 37 Tortelloni

Homemade pasta, stuffed with crystallized pork in a poblano chili sauce. Decorated with curd cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Warm Salad

Beet in a peanut crust with laminated radish, arugula, edamame (soy beans) and mashed potatoes. Dressed with a peanut vinaigrette.

Ciento37 wine bottles Cient37 dinner dish

Creams and Soups

Cream of Uchepo Soup

Delicious creamy soup, with the traditional sweet flavor of uchepos. Served with ranchero cheese and cream.

Black & White Cream Soup

Velvety cream soup made from huitlacoche (corn smut), served with an exquisite second one, made from cotija cheese.

Main Dishes

Avocado Smoked Chicken

Sous-vide chicken supreme seared on a pan and smoked with avocado leaves, dressed with a delicious sausage sauce and corncob risotto.

Chia Skin Tuna

Tuna in a chia crust, passion fruit sauce and avocado tempura.

Michoacano Roast

Delicious boneless short rib, accompanied by roasted marrow with pico de gallo salsa, xoconostle prickly pear and pont neuf potatoes.


Passion Fruit Tiramisu

Chocolate sponge cake covered in an exquisite mascarpone cheese cream and passion fruit sauce.

Creamy Café de Olla

Crème brûlée with the scents of coffee, cinnamon, and brown sugar; served with caramel ice cream.

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